Our History

Philadelphia Baptist Church was founded in Jasper, AL by a small community of believers. Transportation methods were slim and the community was very closely knit together by a strong belief in the presence and power of God. The community, where everyone shared the local grissmill at Burrows store, needed a place to worship.


The beginning is a story that many present day adults like to share because it is the story of their youth. The "Brush Harbor" on Burrows Crossing Road was the first place where the church gathered to worship together.


If you have ever lived in Jasper Alabama you may have heard of one of the former pastors. In fact, if you met him once, you received a gift from him, a marble. Known to the current membership of Philadelphia Baptist as Libby's dad, you may have known him as simply "the marble man". You received a marble as his pledge to pray for you.


Later, a building, a little ways down the road. The building was open to the public, the elements, and even the animals, every Sunday. The people of the community honored God by worshipping Him together in Spirit and in truth.


Even later, an addition which began as a "tennis court" for the local boys and the music director's son. The slab of the current worship center was poured for three years until the church was able to build the building that stood until the fire of March 2010.


The enemy thought he had won a victory by destroying the physical structure. But, he found out, as the church gathered in a circle of prayer, in the parking lot while the structure burned, the physical structure is not the life of Philadelphia. The Life and Light are resident still when the church meets together in the presence of almighty God!


Matthew 16:18 
18.......... and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.